Women’s Culinary Fashion

While men still dominate the culinary field, there is one sign that women chefs are on the rise – or at least garnering a little more respect. Decades ago you would not have found women’s chef coats, chef pants, or kitchen shirts. Today, women have endless options made specifically for the feminine form.

While the overall look of chef apparel is universal, there are some subtle differences often seen in clothing made specifically for women.

  • Narrower pant legs
  • Low-rise waist option
  • Varying pant lengths
  • Narrower shirt sleeves
  • More fitted form along the body

Basically, clothing made for women takes into account the general form of a woman’s body. This type of apparel can help a woman look and feel more like herself and less like a woman drowning in men’s clothing.

Traditionally, women have been more prominent in home kitchens where they often wear aprons. Over the years apron style has taken on a life of its own. In professional kitchens, aprons have also now taken shape in more feminine forms. For example, while the v-neck style is unisex, it has a more feminine flair.

As women attempt to rise in the restaurant business, they seek to be respected and revered as their male counterparts. To this end, women seek chef coats and other apparel that stay true to the traditional style that has been modernized to differentiate a woman’s body from a man’s.

Often male chefs view work apparel as a tool, nothing more or less. Female chefs see their uniform as more of a statement. Because a woman’s role in the professional kitchen has repeatedly been questioned, apparel is one way to highlight gender pride.

When looking at images of popular female chefs, there are a few common apparel choices:

  • White or lighter colors over black
  • The outfit is infused with color, many times in head gear
  • Aprons, even over a chef coat, are popular

While women have not yet attained an equal status in many areas related to the restaurant industry, the fact that there are Women’s Chef Apparel categories in stores shows growth. Not all female chefs are created equal, but having options is a universal concept.

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