Ways to Ward Off Winter Blues

Winter months can bring on the blues for many people. If the colder temperatures and drab landscape have you struggling to stay motivated and excited about your menu, these tips can help you keep your creative juices and culinary passion flowing even through the coldest months of the year.

  • Add some light to your environment: Open all the blinds, remove the curtains, turn up the dimmer, add brighter light bulbs or do whatever it takes to brighten up your workspace and dining room.
  • Take the long route: Adding a few extra steps to your day can help get your juices flowing and infuse some energy into your life. Walk to the market for those last minute ingredients or park further from the restaurant when you arrive at work.
  • Make an energized playlist: Whether working in the kitchen or front of the house, adding some upbeat music to your daily activities can provide a little extra motivation.
  • Take it outdoors: If you can add some outdoor tables with heating lamps or near a fire pit the fresh air could do you some good. Don’t put the grill or smoker away so early this year and give yourself an excuse to get outside each day.
  • Add in bright colors: Change up your chef coats and aprons or your tablecloths for the winter to brighter tones of your usual colors. This change and brightness can help lift your mood.
  • Try something new: Add some innovative specials to your menu and change them up each week to keep you excited about what you’re serving.

No matter where you live the end of the year can leave you feeling burnt out and tired of the same old, same old. Make a conscious effort to liven up your winter and your mood with a few simple changes to your surroundings.

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