Tips From The Science of Branding

Many restaurants, grocery stores, and food service providers are easily recognized by their name and/or logo alone. These quick pieces of information, when done right, immediately attach to a person’s memory. Branding is “the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.”

Countless hours across the span of decades have been dedicated by entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing professionals to examine what works in branding and why it works. How can the science of branding help your restaurant? Trying out some tricks of the trade can make your establishment more memorable, which equates to more frequent visits and recommendations.

Consider the following strategies borrowed from Harvard Business Review and Help Scout when planning your marketing.

  • Create emotional connections with customers. Examine who your guest is and what motivates this particular type of person. For example, thrill seekers will love an adventurous and exotic menu but may not be impressed with homestyle cooking.
  • Develop the trust factor. If diners can trust in your product and service, they will be more likely to return and give recommendations to friends.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Research has shown that things which stand out in an obvious way are more likely to be remembered. From decor to signage and menus, how can you set your restaurant apart from all the others?

People tend to be loyal to brands in part because they have proven themselves with consistency and quality. When a diner finds a restaurant they can trust and feel connected to, they will be more likely to take a stake in that place.

A brand is more than a mere marketing ploy; it conveys a particular message about a business with a few simple words or a memorable image. Whether you have one restaurant, several franchise locations, or even a product line creating a brand for your business can be helpful. From embroidered chef coats to signage, your brand can be the face of your establishment.

While it is always recommended to bring in professionals for areas you are not well-versed, there are many ways restaurant owners can try some tips from the pros on their own.

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