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Thanksgiving may be all about friends, family, and giving thanks for all we have. But, it’s also all about the turkey! Whether expecting a large holiday crowd or looking to capture the spirit of the holiday in days to come, adding turkey to the menu this time of year is a winning idea.

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Traditionally, home cooks tend to roast a turkey with simple dressings and seasonings. After all, that’s the way grandma always did it. However, there are many different ways to cook turkey, whole or in pieces.

  • Oven roasted
  • Grill roasted
  • Deep fried
  • Smoked
  • Stewed
  • Sous-vide

For most of these applications you can then choose to brine, braise, or spice-rub the bird prior to cooking. When looking for the best option to add to your menu there are several things to consider:

  • What equipment do you already have?
  • What techniques are you most familiar with?
  • What do you actually have time for?
  • What will garner interest from guests and get them recommending it to others?

If you are serving up turkey, it likely isn’t for a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Most people save that experience for more intimate settings with family and friends. What you are aiming for is a traditionally-inspired dish that will appeal to guests at heart, but also has a unique spin to appeal to their inner sense of curiosity.

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Typical turkey seasonings include salt, pepper, herb mixes, lemon, and onion. Grab an apron and take your turkey a step further by infusing it with multicultural spice mixes and flavors or by incorporating unexpected ingredients like bacon or maple syrup.

Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays marked substantially by a select few menu items. If you plan to tackle this iconic dish as a staple or special, be sure to make it memorable. Whether it is in the preparation or the flavors, guests will be looking for a uniquely nostalgic dish.

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