Sports Bar Basics

Sports bars are a staple of American food culture. Part of their popularity lies in the stadium-like atmosphere with a more affordable price tag. Sports bars not only offer a neighborhood feel, but also boast modern and classic American favorites. There are many components to a great restaurant or bar, but what makes a sports bar win over the crowd?

The hard and fast rule that all sports bars must follow is to put sports front and center. The idea is to create a place that feels as much like actually being in the stands as possible. A unique design and in-depth theme go a long way in sports bar success. From the name on the front of the building to the menu items and staff uniforms, every detail in a sports bar needs to be about sports. When choosing a theme, you can go as broad or specific as you’d like. Just make sure your market supports your theme. Some tried and true themes include:

  • One specific sporting event
  • Hometown teams
  • Sports mash-up including every sport imaginable
  • Locker room

Once you have a theme in place, the main attraction should be carefully planned out. Sports bars need to feature t.v.’s playing actual sporting events so that every diner can see and hear them. Large, high definition screens and a killer sound system are essential. Take it one step further by including playable games like darts or pool in a gaming area or featuring in-table games that guests can play while they wait for dinner.

The final component necessary to make any sports bar successful is the menu. Diners will be looking for foods reminiscent of what they might get tailgating or in the stadium. Staples include:

  • Beer
  • Fries
  • Hot dogs/sausage
  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Pizza
  • Nachos

Make a name for your establishment by creating one-of-a-kind versions of these classic American dishes. Slap on a clever sports-related name and make sure the food is a good value for the customers.

A sports enthusiast and creative chef make a great team in sports bar management. Grab your chef coat and baseball cap and start planning your sports bar.  

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