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While Super Bowl Sunday is, arguably, not one of the top grossing days for most restaurants, Forbes reports that 12 million Americans are eating out during the big game. If you are lucky enough to be one of these restaurants, there are a few additional statistics from Forbes that might come in handy during game day menu planning.


  • 1.23 billion chicken wings will be eaten during Super Bowl 50.
  • 10 million pounds of ribs are sold during the week leading up to the Super Bowl.
  • 8.2 pounds of tortilla chips are consumed on the big day.
  • Super Bowl Sunday is 1 of the 5 busiest days for pizza deliveries.

Fox Sports delivers a list of the most popular Super Bowl foods, which can also contribute to your game day preparations. Surprisingly, vegetables top the list and have for decades. Pizza, wings, salty snacks, and alcoholic beverages are also among the favorite eats of game day diners.

If you are not a pizza place or sports bar, how can these numbers help you? Well, now you know what people want to eat during the big game. Adding dishes to your menu that include these ingredients and highlight game day dishes can help guests feel like part of the crowd.

A fun and easy way to change up these classic dishes is to use the Super Bowl teams as inspiration. As the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers take center stage on Sunday, consider using classic ingredients and flavors from their hometowns. Dishes showcasing this epic showdown by pairing flavors inspired by both teams are sure to be a big hit.

If changing up your menu isn’t in the game plan, consider football or Super Bowl team inspired touches. Tablecloths in team colors, specialty hometown drinks, or even chef coats embroidered with a favorite team logo can get diners in the spirit.

Connecting with diners on a personal level is all about participating in hobbies and holidays in whatever ways you can. Get in the game and help your diners feel like part of the team.

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