Restaurant Resolutions

business-1297332_640As another year winds down, it’s time for restaurant owners to evaluate the history of their restaurants and resolve to make improvements for the future. While culinary resolutions are often less drastic than personal ones, they can still make a big impact on business. Whether you choose to go big or small this new year, make resolutions you can keep.

Making a New Year’s resolution is all about taking time to reflect on business and setting new goals for the future. Every restaurant must grow and evolve from year to year in order to remain successful for the long hall. Some resolutions are based on projected trends, while others are tried and true business practices. If you’re having trouble coming up with resolutions on your own, consider making some of these changes:

  1. Partake in greener practices. Everything from purchasing new, more efficient equipment to looking for locally sourced foods can not only affect your bottom line but also the attitude of customers new and old.
  2. Jump on the nose-to-tail cooking bandwagon. With the movement toward sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, today’s diners are looking to the expertise of chefs in ending the night with as little waste as possible.
  3. Focus on customer service. Are you doing everything possible to make each guest’s experience special and memorable? Small changes like updating server aprons or larger changes like rearranging the entire dining room can both be beneficial.
  4. Increase your social media presence. If the world of social media falls outside your comfort zone, consider hiring a professional.
  5. Brand yourself. Whether it’s dabbling in franchise options, new locations, or rolling out that special sauce into stores creating a brand can help drive revenue and business.
  6. Get involved in the community. Make your restaurant a staple and beloved eatery in your community by teaming up with local charities or providing incentives to children and families through school programs.
  7. Tackle labor issues. You’re only as good as your weakest link. Be sure to take care of your staff in a way that keeps them working hard and working for you.
  8. Revamp your menus. Check if your food menus are inclusive to the widening population of special dietary needs like vegan, gluten-free, and dairy free. Add fun, new cocktails and mocktails to the drink menu to appeal to all guests.

Take a moment this New Year’s Day to reflect and respond. The restaurant industry is multifaceted and ever-changing. Be ready by honestly examining the past year and setting goals for the year ahead.

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