A Reality T.V. Education: Lessons On Running A Restaurant

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Culinary school, restaurant experience, and business classes will no doubt help any restaurateur be more successful. In today’s media-laden world, there are many other ways to learn about what it takes to run a restaurant well. If you’re looking for a fun way to relax and learn at the same time, consider binge-watching a few of these reality shows hosted by real experts handing out free advice.

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Acclaimed Chef, restaurant owner, and brutally blunt reality star, Gordon Ramsay hosts a show about helping floundering restaurants get back on their feet. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares is the original version of the show and aired on BBC America for 5 seasons. The American version, Kitchen Nightmares, aired for 3 seasons. Ramsay’s reputation precedes him so you can certainly expect some entertainment in these series. However, you can also expect to learn some valuable advice from a highly decorated veteran of the industry.

Restaurant Impossible

Chef and British Navy veteran, Robert Irvine hosts this fast-paced series about saving desperate restaurants. With some tough love, two days, and $10,000 Irvine offers up advice on all topics from menu planning to food prep and staff management. Restaurant Impossible airs on Food Network and has 6 seasons under its belt.

Restaurant Stakeout

Successful restaurant owner, William “Jack” Degel, uses hidden cameras to help restaurant owners find out why they are having problems then offers up advice to correct them. Airing on Food Network, Restaurant Stakeout offers advice on topics like management and customer service.

Hungry Investors

In this challenge-based series struggling restaurants with potential are selected to compete for an investment. Respected industry expert Jon Taffer leads up the team of investors that also includes Chef John Besh and Chef Tiffany Derry. Airing on Spike, Hungry Investors has run for 1 season.

Restaurant Startup

Restaurant icons Joe Bastianich and Tim Love compete to invest in exciting restaurant concepts. The duo discovers and develops the next generation of culinary kings by offering up 36 hours and $7500 to worthy competitors who must prove their concept. The prize is a real investment from the hosts. Restaurant Startup aired on CNBC for 3 seasons.

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A comprehensive culinary education incorporates and and all opportunities. Part of the appeal of reality shows is the boisterous behavior, but hidden within the entertainment value are real nuggets of wisdom from real-life experts. From owners and creative geniuses in chef coats to servers, anyone can contribute to the success of a restaurant using tips from these shows.

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