Modern Kitchen Tools

kitchen-utensil-2462565_640While some chefs will always stick with old standbys like wooden spoons and classic chef coats, modern technology provides many new kinds of kitchen gadgets to experiment with. At home or in a professional kitchen, these new tools could make cooking quicker, easier, or more fun.

  1. GarlicZoom by Chef’n – Throw in a few peeled cloves of garlic and mince them in seconds by spinning the gadget around in circles. This amusing tool can be yours for under $10.
  2. 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station by Nostalgia Retro Series – You can make coffee, toast, and food like eggs or pancakes on the griddle with this cool four-person breakfast machine. It would be great for camping, continental breakfast stations, or at home and costs under $70.
  3. Olive Oil Sprayer by Misto – Simply fill with your favorite flavoring liquid and you’ve got an instant flavor aerosol sprayer. Choose from a variety of metal colors and this gadget will look great on your counter.
  4. Electric Grain Mill by Nutrimill Harvest – Grind your own flour or any other grain for a seriously homemade stockpile of ingredients. This bamboo-clad gadget runs around $300.
  5. DaysAgo – This simple digital counter attached to a suction cup can hold onto any container and keep an accurate record of exactly when you first opened it. Get yours for under $10.
  6. CinniBird Spice Pen- Think of it as a frosting pen filled with ground spices instead of icing. One of these stylish instruments costs around $30.

Innovations in culinary tools can be trendy, but they can also serve a real purpose. Time is money in commercial kitchens and some of the joy in cooking gets tainted with all the stress. Make your job easier and have more fun with these unique kitchen tools. A great way to try out new gadgets is at home for personal use or in cooking classes.

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