What is Leadership?

There are many jobs in the culinary industry that require excellent leadership skills. From restaurant owners to chefs and dining room managers, leadership is integral in making these high-paced workplaces function smoothly. So, what is leadership exactly? The truth is, it has many meanings and many styles.

Here are just a few traits to consider when looking for leaders, or evaluating your own skills.

  • Inspiration – Mental stimulation, especially in a creative manner, can make your establishment stand out and your employees excited to come to work.
  • Focus – Have a clear vision of your goals, theme, and intentions at all times to keep from getting distracted by things that don’t matter or can be delegated.
  • Confidence – It is important to not only feel self-assured, but also to instill an unspoken trust among those you lead.
  • Integrity -Your ability to be honest while upholding strong morals can make or break the team.
  • Passion -If you don’t love what you’re doing, why should anyone who works for you?
  • Decisiveness – Decisions won’t always be clear cut or easy, what’s important is that you able to make decisions quickly and steadfastly when needed.
  • Communication – The ability to listen to others and understand their point of view as well as express yourself in an understandable way are paramount in this industry.
  • Authenticity – Being genuine in your intentions and presentation to both staff and the public can enhance relationships.
  • Adaptable – With so many moving parts, this industry is prone to lots of mishaps, mix-ups, and unexpected circumstances. How well you can adjust to anything thrown your way says a lot about you.

No matter your leadership style, these traits have been shown repeatedly as some of the top skills of great leaders. Simply wearing a chef coat does not implore people to follow you, being a good leader does.

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