Gourmet Grilling Tips and Tricks

The end of summer is near and the start of NFL regular season games is so close you can taste it. What better time than now to fire up the grill and get inspired by one of America’s favorite pastimes? Grilled food always feels fresher and more flavorful. If you’ve got the right equipment, gourmet grilling could be the next big hit on your menu.

Gourmet grilling experts abundantly share their tips and tricks for creating exciting and unexpected meals straight from the flame. Capture the fading spirit of summer or the ignited enthusiasm of football fans this season with some great grilled options.

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Sure burgers are standard, and arguably basic, grill fare. When you mix your own meats and add surprising toppings guests will be wowed by the unique flavors.

  • Opt for meats with a moderate fat level, aim for 15-20% fat
  • Mix flavorful cuts of meat or varieties from different animals
  • Make your own patties using cold meat and cold hands, let finished patties rest in the refrigerator to help them stay bound
  • Add salt and pepper just before popping burgers on the grill
  • Start cooking with clean, oiled, hot grill to sear then cook burgers on a cooler part of the grill


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The art of pizza making has been perfected by few in many different styles from deep dish to thin crust. Don’t try to compete with big chain pizzerias, give guests an unforgettable pie they won’t soon forget.

  • Start with a 550-600 degree (Fahrenheit) oven
  • Cook the pizza over direct heat
  • Cook dough 2-3 minutes before topping
  • Keep toppings handy and create the pizza right on the grill

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Plank Grilling

Using clean, untreated pieces of wood to cook foods not only enhances the look of the dish but amplifies flavor as well. Woods like cedar, hickory, and maple add a layer of flavor to food in a way that can’t be replicated. No matter what you cook on the plank, using it as a serving dish always makes meals look upscale.

  • Soak planks for a minimum of 1 hour before cooking
  • Keep the grill temperature below 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cook with the plank next to the flame, not over it
  • Add layers of flavor by soaking the plank in beer or tea instead of water

Football enthusiasts enjoy the spirit of the game even when they aren’t watching it. Grab your apron and get in the game day spirit with these gourmet grilling tips.

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