The Gift of Giving

Restaurants serve many purposes: heart of the community, gathering place, source of entertainment. Although you already give something to your community, this holiday season might be the right time to increase that reach. Are there ways your business can give more to individuals or the community as a whole?

A few more common ways restaurants can embrace the giving spirit include:

  • Monetary donations to charities
  • Food donations to food relief efforts
  • Discounts for service members, senior citizens, and children
  • Host holiday celebrations for those without extended family
  • Participate in community fundraisers
  • Offer internships and apprenticeships to locals
  • Display collections jars for local charities

While all of these are great ways to pay it forward, you may want to take a more unique approach. If you’re interested in starting something new, something original, start by:

  • Asking for employee and customer suggestions
  • Looking at gaps in giving within your community
  • Consider your brand and mission
  • Choose one or two causes so you don’t get overwhelmed

Unique giving opportunities can center around your atmosphere, employees, or menu. What can you offer that others can’t? What sets you apart from other restaurants and how can you use that gift to help others? Throw on your chef coat and check out these great, original ideas:

  • Offer microloans to local farmers and food artisans like john j. jeffries in Pennsylvania.
  • Host a BOGO meal event where patrons get a free meal to take with them.
  • Volunteer to teach about food preparation and healthy eating in schools.
  • Donate old equipment or decor to individuals, non-profits, or thrift shops associated with a specific cause.

No matter how you choose to give back this season or all year, you’ll feel good about your efforts and customers will take notice. How are you making giving part of your business model?

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