Game Day Menu Substitutes

You don’t have to be a sports bar to capitalize on the legions of hungry football fans gearing up for the start of another season. There are fans who prefer to watch the game at home, those who make an entire weekend event out of it, and those who like the hands-off approach restaurants and bars offer.

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Whether you are feeding football fans at game time or in the days leading up to it, there are a few dishes you can add to your menu from August-February that will satisfy this particular crowd. So get your guests excited for football season this year by trying some version of these game day favorites.

The basics to remember here are that football fans are looking for food they can share, that don’t require utensils, and with big bold flavors. According to GrubHub’s numbers from Super Bowl Sundays wings, pizza, and sandwiches score in the top 10 for most ordered dishes. Get creative and come up with your own version of any one of these dishes to entice football fans anywhere.

  • Chicken Wings: Experiment with flavors and types of meat. From turkey wings to pig wings the possibilities are endless.
  • Pizza: Type of crust, sauce varieties, and toppings are just a few of the parts of a pizza you could change up to make yours unique.
  • Chili: Go spicy or mild, use local ingredients or hometown team favorites, just be sure to make it great!
  • Burgers:  Pile it high with extras like pulled pork or a fried egg, or make it smaller with some delectable sliders.
  • Nachos:  Load them up with any meat, cheese, and toppings combo you can think of.
  • Hot Dogs:  Create a toppings bar, make your own sausage, or source out some locally made buns to help your dog stand out from the crowd.
  • Dips:  The perfect sharing dish, add some hearty ingredients and serve it up with a variety of breads and veggies to give it more staying power.

Think outside the box and create dishes that play off NFL team names, colors, and mascots. Offer up dishes to suit a wide variety of fans or keep to the local team. Let your imagination and inner fan go wild and you’ll surely capture customer’s attention.

Game day menu specials are just one way to get in on all the action this football season. Capitalize on the hype early in the season when there aren’t too many holidays. Get in the spirit this football season and see what new fans you can score.

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