Families Who Cook Together, Stay Together

Many parents raise their children with hopes they’ll follow in mom or dad’s footsteps.  For some, the decision to carry on the family business comes with great sacrifice and great reward.  From chefs and cooks to restaurateurs and culinary entrepreneurs, these famous families in the food world have certainly made a name for generations to come.

Photo taken by Melanie Acevedo.

Lidia Bastianich, famous for her Italian cooking style, is a great example of the matriarch in a culinary empire.  Lidia is an acclaimed chef, TV host, cookbook author, and restaurateur who is well-known in American households.  She owns restaurants with her son, Joe, and daughter, Tanya Manvali.  Neither of her children originally chose to lead careers in the culinary industry, but the family tie pulled them all together eventually.  Creating a culinary empire  is no easy feat for one person, so it is no surprise Lidia’s children found their place in the business.  Lidia’s strong ties between family and food are best summed up in a quote from an interview with American Public Television, “And what I found out is that for every body, food is a connector to their roots, to their past in different ways.”

Like father, like son, Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s son, Cedric opted for a career as a chef.  Jean-Georges is best known as the man who revolutionized modern French cuisine.  With 6 cookbooks and twenty-one restaurants to boast, Jean-Georges has certainly provided an example for his son to follow.  While some culinary families stick together to run an empire, others simply honor one another by choosing their own career in a similar field.

Love her or hate her, Paula Deen is another example of a woman determined to keep her family within arms reach.  Paula is most famous for her cooking show hosting skills and 14 published cookbooks.  Many family members have appeared on her shows and in her books, including sons Jamie and Bobby who Paula currently owns a restaurant with.  Most recently, the Deens are responsible for creating a network all their own with access to Paula’s multitude of recipes, games for the whole family, and appearances by a plethora of relatives.

The ‘Godfather of American Cuisine’, Larry Forgione serves as another great example of a father showing the way to his son.  Larry is a James Beard Award winner and staple in the local food movement.  His son, Mark, chooses to carry on the family legacy and has even appeared as a contestant on Food Network’s The Next Iron Chef.

There are many different reasons children choose to follow in a parent’s career footsteps.  From parent/child teams to whole family empires, the culinary world is dotted with relatives working together in kitchen harmony.  Each chef certainly carries his or her own style, but the whole family is certain to find all their wardrobe-related needs at ChefsCloset.com.


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