Employee Gift Ideas

As the holiday season approaches you’re starting to think about gifts for your employees. When choosing presents, think about these factors:

  • What is the nature of your relationship, friendly or strictly professional?
  • What is your budget?
  • How many people are you looking to shop for?
  • Does a group gift make more sense than individual gifts?
  • What can you offer that will make the biggest impact or hold the most meaning?

Once you’ve figured out the basics of what you’re looking for, start shopping.

Professional Gifts

As culinary professionals, your employees would love items that can make their job simpler or more enjoyable. Be careful with professional gifts and make sure they are about the employees, not the business. Recipients should feel free to either use their gift at home or at work.

  • Apron – pay attention to which style works best on each person
  • Chef coat – have their name embroidered for a personal touch
  • Cooking tools -look for fun or unique gadgets
  • A chance to create a special for the menu named after them
  • Gift certificate for specialty classes at a local culinary school

Personal Gifts

Sometimes, the best holiday gift is one that helps employees enjoy their time away from work, especially because this profession requires long hours and working nights or weekends.

  • Gift card – ones for local grocery stores or fun experiences like movie tickets are great
  • Large food item, like a ham or turkey they can cook for the holidays
  • Drink basket – pair a bottle of liquor or wine with appropriate glasses, mixers, and garnishes to create an after-hours treat
  • Extra personal or vacation days
  • Cash bonus

Group Gifts

Help your staff feel like a fun team with the gift of a group experience. You foot the bill and invite them all along to have a stress-free good time.

  • Private movie showing
  • Holiday dinner party
  • Bar crawl
  • Trip to the local zoo for families
  • Fun day at an indoor arcade or outdoor amusement park

Gifts from employers aren’t expected, so anything you do for your employees will be appreciated. No matter your company size or budget, you can give your staff something extra this season to show how important they are.

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