Culinary Chic For 2015

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Culinary fashions take cues from food trends as well as the runway in 2015. With Americans spending more time and money in the fast-casual dining atmosphere, it’s no wonder chefs are following diners’ lead. Restaurant customers are craving simple, healthier options such as locally sourced and sustainable foods. Naturally, chefs are taking their attire back to the basics as well. With color and pattern dominating recent runway shows, it’s impossible for these trends to stay out of new apparel lines in any trade. Chefs in all types of restaurants are realizing that incorporating the world around you can help diners relate more to your brand.

In 2015 chefs will be taking one of two viewpoints on attire options, traditional or modern. The standard of pants with a basic chef coat or dishwasher’s shirt paired with a chalk-striped butcher apron pay homage to the tradition of being a chef. As a profession dating back as far as most, it’s obvious that many chefs take on this prideful style choice. These uniforms have stood the test of time with good reason; they are a classic staple as well as incredibly functional. While the traditional style of uniform will continue to be popular, modern fabric choices will increase comfort for busy chefs. Updates to the classic chef uniform will include cool, comfortable, lightweight fabrics that allow more flexibility and personal comfort.

The more modern chef in 2015 is looking to capitalize on technology trends and the desire for individuality. A chef’s uniform is a personal branding piece that can set you apart from the rest. Look for bold colors, short-sleeves, and shorter aprons this year. The worldwide tech takeover will certainly continue in the culinary field as well. Chef coats are now available with options to embrace the use of technology in the kitchen, such as earbud pockets, smartphone holders, and larger pockets to accommodate tablets. With an increase in open kitchens, chefs are no longer behind the scenes creators. Chefs are synonymous with the brand, and uniform style can reinforce a restaurant concept. Employee input on restaurant attire is also becoming more important than ever. Allowing employee’s choices on certain uniform aspects, such as choosing from one of three colors, can help boost morale. The modern uniform style chef will also be looking for a more flattering fit, especially for women. As more females take charge of the kitchen, they want to feel like a woman doing a woman’s job rather than a woman doing a man’s job. The easiest place to start that internal transformation is with a more flattering uniform fit made especially for a woman.

While you won’t see drastic overhauls of the chef’s uniform in 2015, you can expect to see updates to the classics. As with many professions, the uniform has come to designate the chef from others in the kitchen. So, it is no surprise that modern basics will dominate kitchen attire this year. Look for chefs to take the lead in more than food choices.

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