Creepiest Foods in the World

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The age-old question that will forever live in the minds of diners is, “Who was the first person to figure out this was edible?” Who hasn’t found themself imagining what the first man to fry an egg or the first woman to peel an orange and take a bite might have been thinking? While some of these scenarios are no doubt interesting and perhaps a bit nerve-wracking, there are some foods whose appeal seemingly cannot be explained. If you’re looking to serve up a seriously spooky treat this Halloween season, one of the items from this list might be just the ticket.

  • A-Ping: In the small village of Skuon, Cambodia this large species of black tarantula is a common sight amongst diners. The arachnids are bred underground then fried in a tasty combination of garlic, sugar, and spices.
  • 1,000 Year Old Eggs: Don’t let the name fool you, this delicacy isn’t typically as old as the name implies. The Chinese who make these treats cover raw eggs with a mix of clay, ash, quicklime, salt, and straw then let them cure for weeks or months. As an added perk the end result resembles the look and texture of an eyeball.
  • Pinkies: In some parts of Asia, people eat fried or grilled baby mice which are called Pinkies.
  • Barbecued Bat: This one is just as it sounds, which may or may not add to the appeal. The fur is singed off and the head removed before the bat is cooked into a stew or stir fry in some Indonesian cuisine.
  • Fried Rattlesnake: They might be venomous, but apparently that doesn’t stop Texans from rattlesnake right alongside chicken or beef. The snake is decapitated before receiving the typical treatment of a cornmeal coating and a good deep fry.
  • Black Pudding: Served in several parts of the world, Black Pudding is widely considered an Irish dish. The blood of a pig or cow is cooked until it congeals then stuffed in an intestine before it is cooked or served.
  • Mexico Caviar: This tiny treat is made entirely from ant larvae.

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If you or your guests are feeling brave this Halloween season, it may be time to test your limits with one of these creepy concoctions. Or perhaps you could grab an apron, get in the spirit, and come up with your own scary special.

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  1. Terri says:

    Jelly fish sandwich. Tuna and jelly. We were on vacation and were running low on food

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