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American Dinning vs European

American Dining vs European Dining Experience: 3 Surprising Differences and Similarities We’re more and more finding European influences in the dining experience across American restaurants and diners. It’s always fascinating and insightful for us here at Table Linens for Less

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What’s Hot in 2015? The 5 Hottest Food Trends

Here at Chefs Closet, we’re always excited to find out about the next, hottest trends. January is the perfect time to take a look at what the rest of the year has in store for passionate and professional chefs. The

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Culinary Chic For 2015

        Culinary fashions take cues from food trends as well as the runway in 2015. With Americans spending more time and money in the fast-casual dining atmosphere, it’s no wonder chefs are following diners’ lead. Restaurant customers are craving simple,

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Traditional Chef Coats, Why Form Follows Function

When thinking of chef coats, you probably aren’t thinking about the “whys” in which it was made. The design of a chef coat is not merely just appearance, it follows a need for function and use. I’m sure you haven’t

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Breaking Down The Kitchen: Kitchen Staff

Some of you may not know what goes on in the kitchen of a restaurant. There are a variety of important people that deal with that yummy abundance of flavor you are putting in your mouths. Depending on the type

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