Apron Style Guide

Aprons are worn by workers in many professions. Sometimes they serve mostly in a functioning role to protect clothing and the person. Other times they are used to make a fashion statement or send a branding message. In the culinary field, the apron typically serves both purposes as it is worn by kitchen and front of the house staff.

Choosing the right apron for the job can be a daunting task with so many options available. When selecting an apron, keep the following in mind.

  • All employee apparel should match the theme, decor, and/or overall vibe of your restaurant.
  • Front of the house staff serve as the first impression for your business.
  • For a modern, unique look opt for bold colors and logo or name embroidery.

In the world of apron styles, there are four basic types. Each one sends a different message to customers.


Standard waist aprons feature a few shallow pockets in the front with ties for an adjustable fit. This type is practical, common, and fits with a classic style. Because the apron only covers a portion of the lower body, specialized shirts and bottoms are an integral part of the uniform.  




The distinctive feel of a bistro apron often gives off a formal, elegant vibe. This type ties around the waist, but the apron extends down to the ankles.



An apron that covers the front of the body from the chest to the knees is called a bib apron. This cut offers a clean feel and comes in a variety of styles. The v-neck option looks more high-fashion while striped versions can give an industrial feel.



The cobbler apron covers both the front and back of a person from shoulders to thighs. This style is great for a retro or home-cooked feel.

Whether using aprons for waitstaff or kitchen staff, the style you choose is important. From function to branding, aprons serve many purposes in any restaurant.

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