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Product Spotlight: Basic Utility Kitchen Shirts

Kitchen shirts offer a relaxed fit, look, and feel in lightweight fabrics with short-sleeves for back of the house staff. A basic utility shirt gives you an affordable, durable option for kitchen staff who don’t need to showcase style. ChefsCloset

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Oldest Restaurants in the U.S.

The United States are home to thousands of restaurants covering every type of cuisine known to man. Some restaurants withstood the test of time, changing population, and economic fluctuations with grace and dignity. These are the oldest restaurants in America.

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Fall Food and Wine Flavors

The air carries a slight chill, the leaves have a hint of color, and the meals are getting heartier. It can only mean fall is blowing in. The beauty of the season is in the bounty of its harvest. This

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Pros and Cons of Mesh in Uniforms

Choosing the right fabrics for you kitchen uniform takes time and energy. The right fabrics can increase your comfort level and output while the wrong ones can distract you from your work. Before the widespread use of moisture-wicking materials was

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Product Spotlight: Baggy Chef Pants

Baggy chef pants are an expected choice in kitchens around the world. The distinctive style paired with extreme comfort and flexibility make baggy styles coveted by back of the house staff. Those looking for this classic, comfortable style without a

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