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Top Culinary Schools 2017

As with any college search, looking for the perfect culinary school takes time, energy, and focus. If you do you research, no matter the end choice, you won’t be disappointed. Just be sure this is the career field you are

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2017 Culinary Trends

The restaurant industry is not necessarily built on trends and what’s ‘in’ at the moment. Successful restaurants are typically able to provide a clear message to guests, incorporate classics, and add in occasional twists or surprises. The idea is to

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Do Frozen Foods Have a Place in Restaurants?

The fresh vs. frozen foods debate has spanned decades and infiltrated households alongside restaurants. Should chefs use frozen foods in their professional meal prep? The answer appears to be largely a personal decision. Let’s take a look at the pros

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Superstitious Supper With A Story

In honor of the impending Friday the 13th this week, let’s explore how superstition can play a role in any restaurant. You may not believe in many of the good luck or bad luck traditions from around the world, but

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Product Spotlight: Long Sleeve Basic Knot Button Chef Coat

Capture classic chef style with the Long Sleeve Basic Knot Button Chef Coat by Chefs Closet. Features include: Long sleeves Two vertical columns of 5 symmetrical knot buttons Cloth knot buttons Reversible closure Finished cuffs and collar Reinforced stress points

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