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Product Spotlight: Professional Series Chef Pant

There’s nothing more important in a chef’s wardrobe than comfort, although style sometimes comes in as a close second. The Professional Series Chef Pant from ChefWorks offers style, function, and performance all rolled into one. These are not your average

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Fall Into Apples

    The bounty of the season includes all things squash and apples. While there are a wide variety of squashes available and they are liked by many, apples seem to have a universal appeal. When incorporating local, seasonal foods

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Colorful Chef Clothing

Historically, white has been the standard color for a chef’s uniform. In recent years, it has become more common to see chefs creating their own signature uniform. There doesn’t appear to be a concrete consensus in the culinary world about

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Clothes That Cool

Keeping cool in the kitchen is not only a necessary personality trait, but a literal physical concern. Chefs and line cooks regularly work in extremely high temperatures with few solutions to beat the heat. From room ventilation to chef coat

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